The Principle Pair

This bunny couple is one of the primary foci of the comic. He’s a little more academic, she’s a little more practical. They run the gamut of temperaments from cynical to depressed, but nonetheless remain fairly adventurous and steadfastly devoted to each other. For scripting’s sake, they go by “Bunny A” and Bunny B.” They do have real names, but be warned – if you ever see them printed, that means the comic is ending!


A decent little creature who serves as a liason between bunnies and squirrels. His meek politeness makes him easy pickings for bored rabbits. His intelligence, naturally higher than the rest of his species, makes camaraderie with them impossible. Phil’s a bit of an oddball, but a resilient and capable one nonetheless. He used to get kicked about by the rabbits a lot more, but lately they’ve become more tolerant of him. His adoption of Honeybunny may play some part in that. He is distinguished from other squirrels by his dark blue necktie.

Honeybunny (“Honey” for short)

If Phil is the atypical “squirrel with a brain,” then Honey would be the equally unusual “rabbit with a heart.” Found abandoned by our leading couple, she eventually ended up in the confused but able care of Phil the squirrel. Since then, she’s developed the high intelligence endemic to rabbits, but also a sense of compassion that’s entirely the result of her unique upbringing. She had some trouble making friends at first, but she seems to be doing fine now. She has a boyfriend, as well as one persistent little suitor who just doesn’t get it. She’s identified by a single red bow centered on her forehead.

Professor Rat

The only regular who’s neither a rabbit nor a squirrel. Professor Rat fills the multiple local voids of doctor, teacher, engineer and innovator, and his wide-ranging genius is only matched by the depth and breadth of his insanity. He’s legendary for both his amazing experiments, and his fantastic myriad injuries sustained from said experiments. He’s kind of like Wile E. Coyote, only with cumulative damage and a penchant for shouting to get attention.


Summer is an cheery and intrepid female rabbit with yellow bows at the tip of each ear. She is best known for being very liberal with her physical affections. Some might say that she’s a little too “experienced,” but she simply prefers to think of herself as “cultured.” You know, like yogurt.

Francisca and Madeline

Madeline (green bows) and Francisca (orange) form the other two thirds of Honey’s “cookies and juice club.” Together, they offer Honey that special kind of friendship that only adolescent girls can give each other – attention, support and, of course, a total willingness to knock you into the path of a speeding train to get to their desire-du-jour. Particularly Madeline.


Janus is identified by a fuzzy shock of hair that never stays combed down. He was one of the first friends Honey ever made and on some level, smitten from day one. It’s not a seamless match; he finds her kind of weird and irrational, she often finds him coarse, arrogant and a little thoughtless. Still, he’s smart, and lively, and he seems to be the one who has made the most headway with her in a romantic setting. Of course, it’s not as though he lacks competition . . . .


Nate was saved from a horrific beating by Honeybunny, with whom he subsequently became smitten from day one. It’s a bit of an uphill climb for him – he’s a runt, even as squirrels go. He’s not nearly smart enough, or strong enough, and he and Honey have virtually nothing in common. However, by appealing to her more caring side, as well as some impressive displays of initiative and persistence, Nate has managed to keep himself in the running for her attentions. Even though said attentions may include being hunted for sport with an airsoft gun loaded with acorns.


Her history and the exact cause of her disturbing nature remain a mystery. Only one thing is clear. Agnes has Problems.

The Bunnies

Bunnies are the dominant species in their environment by a country mile. They’re a bit on the plump side, and the intelligence level is generally quite high, at least on par with a human being. However, smart as they are, they are host to a wide variety of both physical ailments and psychological issues.

The Squirrels

By contrast, the squirrels, as a rule, are healthy, happy, energetic and each possessed of the IQ of a bag of corn chips. Terribly persecuted by the bunnies, but too stupid to know it or do anything about it. They don’t breed as fast as rabbits do, but they’re also extremely hard to kill – which is good, or they’d be extinct by now.

Le Arteest